Authors: Mary Ann Feist
Locality: Within the Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest, Iron County. T42N-R4E, Sections 8, 9, 16, 17. 1,290 acres.
Abstract: Frog Lake and Pines features an undisturbed wilderness lake surrounded by old-growth northern dry-mesic forest in a large lowland bordering the Manitowish River. The 42-acre lake is a deep, soft seepage lake with a dense community of submergent aquatic vegetation including white and yellow pond-lilies, bladworts and spike rushes. Wetlands predominate along the shoreline with bog, sedge meadow, and lowland conifer-hardwood swamp. The bog has an abundance of leather-leaf and Laborador-tea with numerous scattered small trees, sedges, and other ericaceous species. The low conifer-hardwood swamp contains species such as white and black spruce, tamarack, thimbleberry, and three-leaved gold-thread. The remaining shoreline is upland forest consisting primarily of red and white pines some that are more than 2 feet in diameter with other trees including white birch, aspen, red maple, and balsam fir. The understory varies in shrub density from a thicket of hazelnut to a fairly open understory with bracken fern, bunchberry, wild sarsaparilla, American starflower, rough-leaved rice grass, and Canada mayflower. Migrating waterfowl make extensive use of the lake. Frog Lake and Pines is owned by the DNR and was designated a State Natural Area in 1983.
Notes: The species listed here were collected during the 2019 Wisconsin Botanical Foray sponsored by the Wisconsin State Herbarium and the Botanical Club of Wisconsin.

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Carex crinita Lam. - Fringed Sedge
Carex debilis Michx. - White-Edge Sedge
Carex magellanica Lam. - Boreal-Bog Sedge