Authors: Mary Ann Feist
Locality: DuPage Lake Peatlands State Natural Area. Within the Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest, Iron County. T42N-R4E, Section 3. T43N-R4E, Sections 22-27, 33-35. 3,221 acres.
Abstract: DuPage Lake Peatlands features a vast peatland complex just north of the Manitowish River. Open bog, muskeg, and black spruce swamp are the predominant vegetation although scattered patches of old-growth hemlock and islands of old-growth pine also occur. In all, the site supports 8 undeveloped lakes including DuPage Lake, a deep 32-acre lake with very soft water. East of the lake are several stands of old-growth hemlock hardwood forest, which are especially noteworthy as they contain super-canopy white and red pine. The boggy wetlands have a deep carpet of sphagnum mosses and support ericaceous shrubs including cranberry, bog laurel, leatherleaf, sedges, and insectivorous plants. Stunted black spruce and tamarack are scattered throughout the wetland and in some places form a closed canopy bog forest. Of note are numerous rare plants that are supported within this large complex. The undeveloped lakes and large nesting trees are also important habitat for osprey. Other birds include common loon, sharp-shinned hawk, and broad-winged hawk. DuPage Lake Peatlands is owned by the DNR and was designated a State Natural Area in 2007.
Notes: The species listed here were collected during the 2019 Wisconsin Botanical Foray sponsored by the Wisconsin State Herbarium and the Botanical Club of Wisconsin.

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Families: 25
Genera: 42
Species: 51
Total Taxa (details): 51
Alnus incana (L.) Moench - Speckled Alder
Carex arctata Boott - Drooping Woodland Sedge
Observed 6/6/2021 by Mary Ann Feist
Carex blanda Dewey - Eastern Woodland Sedge
Observed 6/6/2021 by Mary Ann Feist
Osmunda regalis L. - Royal Fern