Authors: Rodgers, Devin Michael
Citation: Rodgers, Devin Michael. 2016. Vascular Flora & Vegetation of the Cumberland Plateau Sandstone Riverscour Communities in Daddy's Creek Gorge, Cumberland and Morgan Counties, TN. Thesis (M.S.) -- Austin Peay State University.
Locality: USA: TN: Cumberland and Morgan Counties
Abstract: Riverscour is a disturbance-prone riparian ecosystem of high-gradient rocky rivers that harbors a unique flora adapted to flooding and edaphically extreme conditions.... The vascular flora of riverscour communities along Daddy's Creek was surveyed through 17 collection trips from July 2013 to May 2016. A total of 421 taxa, comprised of 409 species in 266 genera and 103 families, was documented. Thirteen state-listed species were observed, including two federally-listed species and five new watershed records, of which the discovery of single population of "Helenium brevifolium" is the only know extant population in Tennessee.

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Families: 28
Genera: 39
Species: 43
Total Taxa (details): 43

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