Authors: Hackett, RA; Karbowski, HM; Peters, S; Monfils, AK;
Citation: Hackett RA, Monfils MJ, Monfils AK (2016) Evaluating a sampling protocol for assessing plant diversity in prairie fens. Wetland Ecology and Management 24:609–622. doi: 10.1007/s11273-016-9491-1
Locality: Brandt Road Fen (42.850640, -83.466810)

tly sedge meadow zones and interspersed small marl zones. Several manmade channels and small creeks run through it. Prevelant vegetation includes Carex sterilis, Dasiphora fruticosa, Larix laricina, Pycnanthemum virginianum, Doellingeria umbellata, Eutrochium maculatum, Scheonoplectus tabernaimontanii, Rhamnus alnifolia, and Cornus. Heavy invasion of Frangula alnus. Some Toxicodendron vernix but is not dense in most areas. Evidence of recent burn with burnt logs, snags, small brush, and little dead ground vegetation in some areas. Also evidence of humans and possible ATV traffic.

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Families: 52
Genera: 102
Species: 154
Total Taxa (details): 154
Rachel Hackett RHHK926 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett... RHHK926 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett RHHK926 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett RHHK926 [PFBP], more...
Rachel Hackett... RHHK645 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett... RHHK474 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett RHHK645 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett RHHK645 [PFBP], more...
Rachel Hackett RHHK254 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett... RHHK254 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett RHHK254 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett RHHK254 [PFBP], more...
Rachel Hackett RHHK182 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett RHHK182 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett RHHK182 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett RHHK182 [PFBP], more...
Rachel Hackett... RHHK465 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett RHHK465 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett RHHK465 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett RHHK465 [PFBP], more...
Rachel Hackett... RHHK301 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett RHHK301 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett... RHHK301 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett RHHK301 [PFBP], more...
Rachel Hackett RHHK775 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett... RHHK299 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett RHHK775 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett RHHK775 [PFBP], more...