Authors: Hackett, RA; Karbowski, HM; Peters, S; Monfils, AK;
Citation: Hackett RA, Monfils MJ, Monfils AK (2016) Evaluating a sampling protocol for assessing plant diversity in prairie fens. Wetland Ecology and Management 24:609–622. doi: 10.1007/s11273-016-9491-1; Pogue CP (2016) Local and landscape level variables related to Poweshiek skipperling presence in Michigan, USA prairie fens. Thesis, Central Michigan University.
Locality: Bridge Valley Fen (42.746910, -83.450520)

Prairie fen with a large proportion of marl with many cedar-tamarack patches. Lots of Typha angustifolia and the invasive Phragmites australis in the southern portion. A wide variety of Carex fruiting, but few Toxicodendron vernix and the ones seen are usually under 1m. Many rivulets and holes (I fell upto my hip). Not as peaty as other prairie fens in most places. Some management in the northern section by NOHLC, a burn several years ago and woody plant removal. Owned by North Oakland Headwaters Land Conseravancy and private owners.

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