Montana State University - 1. NRSM350 - Mixed Grass Prairie

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Families: 14
Genera: 25
Species: 28
Total Taxa: 28

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silver sagebrush, PNE
fringed sagebrush, PNC
red threeawn, PNW
curlycup gumweed, PNW
broom snakeweed, PNW
hairy goldenaster, PNW
prairie goldenrod, PNW
spikeoat, PNC
prairie junegrass, PNC
kochia, AIW
sideoat grama, PNW
buffalograss, PNW
blue grama, PNW
hooded windmillgrass, PNW
bermuda grass, PIW
threadleaf sedge, PNC
ring muhlly, PNW
purple prairie clover, PNW
plains loco, PNC
slimflower scurfpea, PNW
prairie coneflower, PNW
scarlet globemallow, PNW
vinemesquite, PNW
needle and thread, PNC
green needlegrass, PNC
thickspike wheatgrass PNC
western wheatgrass, PNC