Gilia cana subsp. speciformis A.D. Grant & V.E. Grant
Family: Polemoniaceae
Gilia cana subsp. speciformis image
FLOWERS: corolla tube 2-4 times the calyx length. 2n=18. NOTES: See also parent taxon. Sandy soils, washes, desert shrubland; Mohave co; 200- 600 m (700-2000 ft); Mar-May; CA to s NV, s to AZ. Incorrectly referred to G. tenuiflora Jones by Kearney and Peebles. Plants with corolla tubes 1-2 times the calyx length belong to subsp. triceps (A. Brand) A. D. Grant & V. E. Grant, which may be expected from nw AZ. REFERENCES: Dieter H. Wilken and J. Mark Porter, 2005, Vascular Plants of Arizona: Polemoniaceae. CANOTIA 1: 1-37.