Ipomopsis macrosiphon (Kearney & Peebles) V. Grant & Wilken (redirected from: Ipomopsis tenuituba subsp. macrosiphon)
Family: Polemoniaceae
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[Gilia aggregata var. macrosiphon Kearney & Peebles,  more]
Ipomopsis macrosiphon image
PLANT: Short-lived perennial, 40-80 cm tall, simple to branched; stems often woody at base, with short glandular hairs. LEAVES: glabrous to short-pilose and glandular, deeply lobed. INFLORESCENCE: one-sided, with subsessile to short-pedicelled flowers crowded near tips of lateral branches. FLOWER: calyx 5-6 mm long, short glandular pubescent, the lobes lanceolate, attenuate; corolla lavender to purple, the tube 30-40 mm long, the throat 2.5-3 mm wide, the lobes lanceolate, attenuate, with dark purple flecks; stamens inserted on the tube; filaments unequal; anthers included to slightly exserted; stigma slightly exceeding the anthers. CAPSULE: 4.5-7 mm long; seeds 5-9 per locule. 2n=14. NOTES: Sandy to gravelly soils, coniferous forest; Apache, Graham, Pima cos.; 2290-2870 m (7500-9400 ft); Jul-Aug. Known elsewhere only from the Sacramento Mts. of NM. REFERENCES: Dieter H. Wilken and J. Mark Porter, 2005, Vascular Plants of Arizona: Polemoniaceae. CANOTIA 1: 1-37.