Viola pedata var. pedata (redirected from: Viola pedata f. pedata)
Family: Violaceae
Bird-Foot Violet
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Viola pedata var. pedata image
From Flora of Indiana (1940) by Charles C. Deam
Locally frequent in the lake area in very sandy or gravelly soil in the dunes and open woodland and along roadsides. Probably absent or very rare south of the lake area until the southern part of the state is reached where it has been found in a few counties in rather sandy soil on the crests of ridges. Here it is usually associated with chestnut oak, post oak, black oak, and Virginia pine. [Viola pedata var. lineariloba is] a form with all of the leaf-segments linear. Our manuals tell us that this leaf-form is correlated with flowers, having all of the petals of the same color. This form is rather rare in Indiana.