Polemonium foliosissimum var. alpinum Brand (redirected from: Polemonium albiflorum)
Family: Polemoniaceae
[Polemonium albiflorum Eastw.,  more]
Polemonium foliosissimum var. alpinum image
STEMS: glandular pubescent. LEAVES: leaflets 11-25, elliptic to narrowly ovate. FLOWERS: corollas white to cream, the lobes usually rounded. NOTES: Rocky, open sites; coniferous forest; Coconino, Apache cos. 1610-2440 m (5280-8000 ft); Jun-Aug; se ID to sw WY, s to AZ. REFERENCES: Dieter H. Wilken and J. Mark Porter, 2005, Vascular Plants of Arizona: Polemoniaceae. CANOTIA 1: 1-37.