Ipomopsis tenuituba subsp. latiloba V. Grant & Wilken
Family: Polemoniaceae
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Ipomopsis tenuituba subsp. latiloba image
FLOWERS: Corolla lobes broadly lanceolate, 4-6 mm wide; anthers slightly exserted. — NOTES: See also parent taxon. Open sites, meadows, coniferous forest; Apache, Coconino, Yavapai cos.; 2140-2760 m (7000-9050 ft); Jul-Sep. s UT to n AZ. Hybrids with I. aggregata subsp. formosissima, intermediate in corolla size and color, are known from the Kaibab Plateau, San Francisco Peaks, and the White Mountains. REFERENCES: Dieter H. Wilken and J. Mark Porter, 2005, Vascular Plants of Arizona: Polemoniaceae. CANOTIA 1: 1-37.